Policies and Procedures

At Colorado Gymnastics Institute, our vision is to provide a safe, fun and productive environment for every gymnast attending our facility. If you have any questions or concerns about our program, you are encouraged to address those issues with management at any time.

Payment Policy
Payment for each new session is due 2 weeks prior to the beginning of each session. Payment for an upcoming session guarantees your child's placement in our program. Every session is 8 weeks long and session payments are due in full. Once payment has been made, there are no refunds for sessions. Payment shows your commitment to the entire session allowing us to effectively schedule coaches for your child's class. Team tuition is due on the 1st of each month.  Late payments are subject to a late fee outlined in the team contract. Every family is encouraged to go on Autopay which is deducted 3 days prior to the beginning of a new session. Autopay guarantees your child's continued placement in our program.

The annual registration fee is due on September 1st of each year and is pro-rated throughout the year. The annual fee is $35 per student or a maximum of $50 per family residing in the same household. 

FREE Trial Class
As a courtesy, a student who has never taken classes can try one class at no charge from our current class schedule before deciding to enroll. A Trial Class does not guarantee a spot in the class. All fees must be paid immediately following the trial in order to reserve your child's spot in that class.

Colorado Gymnastics Institute closes for all major holidays including Thanksgiving, Labor Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, and Christmas. If your child is in a class on one of these holidays, a make-up day will be offered. Colorado Gymnastics Institute is only closed for 4 weeks throughout the calendar year-- two weeks around Christmas, one week in June and one week in July. If the gym needs to close for any reason or a schedule change needs to be made, we reserve the right to do so. In the event the gym closes for any other reason other than a holiday, a make-up day will be offered.

If a class is missed for any reason, the student is entitled to a make up lesson in a similar class. We allow up to two make-up classes per session. If you are enrolling in the next session, you can carry your make-ups over to the next session. Due to the nature of our program, some classes are invitation only and may not have another day or time offered. We will do our best to accommodate these students by finding a class that is the most similar to their current class.

Children must be free of fever, without the aid of medication, for a minimum of 24 hours before participation in class. As with any children's program, keeping the children and staff healthy keeps us all happy!If your child has been sick in the past 24 hours, please do not bring him/her to the gym. If your child has had a fever, yellow-greenish mucus from his/her nose, vomited or had diarrhea in the past 24 hours, then they need to stay away from other children. Please do not bring sick siblings into the gym. If they are home sick from school than they should not be brought into the gym, even just to observe in the lobby.

​    *All legal guardians are required to sign the Acknowledgment of Risk and Waiver of Liability upon registration before your child can participate in classes.         
    *Please dress your child appropriately in snug but comfortable clothing (no denim, buttons, zippers, belts, or crop tops) that they can move in.       
    *Long hair must be pulled back away from the face.  This is for the safety of your child and for ease in spotting for our instructors.     
    *Children should not wear rings, bracelets, anklets, or dangling earrings.  If your child does so, he/she will be asked to remove the  jewelry. We are not  responsible for holding or keeping these items for your child.  Also, we are not responsible if the item becomes lost or misplaced.    
     *No gum, food, or drinks are allowed in the gym.  Breaks are given for them to drink at the water fountain in the gym.   
     *Parents and guests are encouraged to watch their children from the lobby. Please don't enter the gym unless a coach asks you for your help.      
     * If for any reason you should need your child, please ask the front desk for assistance.    
​     *For the safety of all the gymnasts, please do not use flash photography at any time.  Special arrangements can be made with the instructors for pictures  
     *Management reserves the right to cancel a scheduled class due to lack of participation or a conflict with another class or event. Every effort will be made to accommodate each family to avoid any interruption in class time. 

We make every effort to monitor children after classes. Parents need to be on-time to pick up their children. Many children get very anxious when class is over and they don't see Mom or Dad.

Please let us know if someone else is picking up your child.

Colorado Gymnastics Institute is not responsible for items left in the gym or lobby. 
​We maintain a lost and found box but cannot promise your item will be found. 

It is the responsibility of the parent to update records when needed. To keep auto-draft accounts current and email and physical addresses and phone numbers current.

​                                                                                                                                             -Colorado Gymnastics Institute Staff